Bucket of Bubbles Cleaning & Pet Sitting Services

"Happiness is a Clean Home"

Let our Family Owned and Operated Cleaning Service Bring a Little Happiness to Your Home.

We are a Small Business Operated By a Mother and Daughter Team

Clean Home‚Äč in 3 Simple steps


Simply contact me through email at [email protected]

text 618-698-0351

or through the contact page right here on the website to set up a free estimate. 


We will arrive to clean usually within 30 mins of your scheduled time. We do our best to stay on schedule but some days some places take longer then normal. We bring all the supplies and equipment we need to get the job done.


You don't need to help us. We have a routine and we get done faster if the two of us do things as we are used to doing them. You can help to get ready prior to our arrival by picking up and clutter that may otherwise prevent us from getting to surfaces and floors to clean.

Why Choose Bucket of Bubbles

Professional Staff

Our service is a family operated service. You will always get my daughter and or myself. We don't have others working with us because we have a routine that works for the two of us. You will always get the same people on every cleaning.

Environmentally Cautious

We use eco friendly cleaning products {such as thieves for all dusting and better life floor cleaner}. You never have to worry about the safety of your loved ones or your fur babies. We also use microfiber clean clothes and mop pads. 

Guaranteed Satisfaction

If for some reason you are not happy with our services please never hesitate to contact us. We are human and we may miss something from time to time. It is never intentional and we want to know so we can make it right.


Here are some of our favorite products we use every day. Click on the photo for the link of the item and where to purchase. We get asked often about what product we use. These are some of the most common asked about.

You can find most of these items on Amazon.

The Bar keepers Spray is Fantastic for kitchens and Bathrooms and best priced at Home Depot  & Lowes. The Thieves household cleaner seems best priced at Vitamin Rocket. 

The microfiber towels and the window towels you can get on Amazon. These are comparable to Norwex towels and Ecloths. The window ones work great on mirrors and appliances. Both kind of towels leave minimal lint behind.